Startup spaces: How to design your startup office for a productive workforce.

An article from The Next Web (TNW) on the trends that are emerging in the fast-paced and forward-focused arena that is the start-up scene. It asks: What comprises the design elements that stimulate productivity and culture in the startup office?  

Bumping. Which office design best promotes collaboration, creativity and the p-word, productivity?

An article with a focus on Activity Based Working and the workplace factors at play that influence staff productivity.

Brand, culture and the workplace: Which comes first the culture or the brand?

A look at the role of the workplace in influencing an organization’s culture and brand. Beyond logos and advertising, leading and innovative companies ooze their culture and brand throughout the organization - literally and figuratively. This full engagement and immersion begins at home – within the confines of the organization.

Check out this company's office, where amazing views, strategic design inspire creative work.

An article from Fast Company that provides an example of the office as the physical manifestation of the philosophy and character of a company, Shipworks, in St Louis, USA. 

Creating Collaborative Spaces that Work. A Performance-based Approach to Successful Planning.

A Knoll White Paper. Innovative organizations are the ones that benefit most from a workforce in which collaborative work processes are facilitated and extant. This requires a close integration and optimization of the workspace, furnishings and technology within the work environment. Collaborative workplace solutions enhance a number of work processes that are vital in the emergence of creative work, namely – speed of decision making, enhanced productivity and improved communication.     

Good Office Design can Alleviate Stress and Increase Productivity.

An argument for why good office design matters and why employees and businesses that embrace this mindset reap the rewards.

10 Questions to ask when designing your office.

An article from Entrepreneur magazine that investigates ten office design questions that require consideration.

The pleasures and perils of the open-plan office.

A BBC news magazine feature that delves into the ongoing debate over the pros and cons of the open-plan versus private office layout.Cultural factors, profession and what one is accustomed to are often factors that determine individual preferences in this regard. A number of interesting perspectives are offered in the comments section from readers

Focus in the Workplace.


A Gensler research report. The results from their extensive and ongoing surveys investigating workplace factors that impact work performance. This report looks specifically at the importance of the ability to undertake focused work against the backdrop of the current trend towards the open-plan, collaborative workspace. In the knowledge economy, there needs to be a balance between the four work modes that employees are engaged in - collaboration, focus, learning and socializing.


How Place Fosters Innovation.

A Steelcase White Paper. A look at innovation, the models of innovation and the ingredients necessary for designing an innovative workplace.

Building Wellbeing into the Workplace.

A Steelcase White Paper. Wellbeing in the workplace is more than ergonomics and comfort. It also encompasses an understanding and management of other work stressors. The article offers examples of initiatives that have been undertaken at Steelcase and presents a rationale beyond ROI for why wellbeing in the workplace benefits all.  



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